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Inquiries about usage

How to keep alkaline water?

It is the best to drink alkaline water immediately. In case of keeping it in the refrigerator, it is the most effective to keep it covered and drink it within 24 hours.

Inquiries about usage

Deposits are seen in the bottle. May I drink it?

Such a phenomenon can happen when calcium contained in alkaline ionized water is deposited.
It appears as pH is higher, original water has more minerals and ionization is made better. It doesn’t happen in purified water, bottled water and tap water.
Calcium scales attached in the bottle can be removed cleanly through washing it with diluted vinegar or citric acid.

Inquiries about usage

I worry if our body is alkalized after drinking alkaline water long.

Our gastric juice is strongly acidic.
Three liters of gastric juice is secreted every day and we should drink more than 3,000 liters of alkaline water to alkalize our body, so it actually is impossible.
A problem is that our body is acidified, so you don’t have to worry about our body being alkalized after drinking alkaline water too long.
Alkaline reduced water is healthy water containing various minerals which are good for our body and it is good for people to take it with alkali foods, such as spinach and brown seaweeds together as much as possible.

Inquiries about usage

Why should we take medicines with purified water?

When some medicines are taken with alkaline water and are absorbed too fast, they do counteraction combining minerals and active ingredients and the efficacy of medicines can be weakened. Therefore, it is good to take medicines with purified water.

Inquiries about filters

Should filters be replaced according to their cycles?

It is hygienically safe to replace filters according to their replacement cycles.
There may be differences depending on regional water quality, but it is recommended to replace them following their cycles because each filter basically has purifying effects and a replacement cycle.

Inquiries about filters

Various internet sites sell filters at low prices telling that they are genuine. May I buy those filters?

Online and offline stores recently have sold filters with stickers writing ‘compatible with products of KYK Alkaline Hydrogen Water or genuine KYK filters’ to deceive consumers. Don’t get cheated by such fraud.
When you see or hear such acts enticing consumers with lower prices and selling fake filters, please report to Consumer Complaints Centers or our company, to prevent other consumers from suffering damage and national image from being tainted.
Fake compatible filters look similar, but they can cause differences in performance and water taste result in serious hygienic problems due to their poor quality. They also affect functions of products causing a considerable number of victims. Be careful about these aspects and make sure to use genuine filters of KYK Alkaline Hydrogen Water.

Those genuine filters are sold only at the main office or official agencies, so other filters sold at other places are certainly imitations.

Inquiries about filters

How can I request filters?

You can buy filters through the main office customer center (1588-9938) and the products/shopping mall on the internet page.

Inquiries about filters

How can I replace filters?

You can find how to replace filters in the manual which you received while installing the product.
If you can’t find it, you can use the products/shopping mall on the internet page. Find a part about filters which you want to replace.

Inquiries about filters

The cost is same when an engineer visits home and when we replace filters by ourselves. Why is it?

It is a special service unique to KYK Alkaline Hydrogen Water for customer satisfaction.
Excluding regions where it is difficult for engineers to visit, they visit to replace filters or to check them up without charging travel expenses.

Inquiries about filters

I want to introduce products of KYK Alkaline Hydrogen Water. If I do so, what benefits can I get?

If you call the main office after introducing our products, we can give various benefits and goods according to purchasing and renting.

Other inquiries

Water smells like tap water. Why is it?

Check if filters should be replaced. There can be smell depending on regional water quality and environment, so such a problem can be solved through equipping additional filters.

Other inquiries

A check mark appears and water doesn’t come out. What should I do?

Please make inquiries to the AS department after calling the customer center no. 2 at 1588-9938.

Other inquiries

Can I use the product with underground water?

For using underground water, please install an exterior pretreatment filter and components depending on water quality and conditions. If you call to the customer center at 1588-9938, we will give you information in detail.





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